Why Contributing To Linux Kernel, is not a difficult task

I gave a talk at LinuxCon Europe in Dusseldorf last year with the main goal being to  show people how easy it is to start with Linux kernel development. Despite my fear that the audience might be too advanced and find this topic rather boring I received good feedback with several opinions that these kind of guidelines and advice are more than welcome. Now, since the room capacity was about 30 people, which is not really much, I have the impression that there are more folks out there who would enjoy this topic. Therefore I decided to form the presentation into a series of articles.

These articles, similar to the talk, will be divided into three parts. In the first, not really technical article, I will explain that Linux kernel development is super easy especially for those who possess the right attitude. In the second part I'm going to show where to get inspiration and the best angles to approach Linux kernel development for newcomers. And in the third and last part, I will describe some of the things that I wish that I knew before I started.
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