Tor Project Decides to Discontinue Tor Cloud Service

The Tor Project announced it's decision to discontinue 'The Tor Cloud Project', which provided people a user-friendly way for deploying bridges on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform to help users across the world to access uncensored internet. However there are still may ways open for people to use censored internet. 

According to official blog post regarding discontinuation of tor cloud service is need for maintenance of platform used in tor cloud services. The Tor Project was lacking dedicated developers for maintenance of platform. That is why the team decided to discontinue Cloud Service.

From official post regarding discontinuation of cloud service: 
The main reason for discontinuing Tor Cloud is the fact that software requires maintenance, and Tor Cloud is no exception. There is at least one major bug in the Tor Cloud image that makes it completely dysfunctional (meaning that users could not use this particular service to access the Internet), and there are over a dozen other bugs, at least one of them of highest priority. Probably as a result of these bugs, the number of Tor Cloud bridges has steadily declined since early 2014.

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