Tor Released

Tor Project announced release of Tor, the first release in 0.2.7.x series of Popular tool collection that facilitate internet users to browse internet without loosing privacy and anonymity. This release includes numerous small features and bug fixes. The most notable features Includes availability of several new ways for controllers to interact with the hidden services subsystem.

According to release announcement, following are some new features introduced in current release of Tor.
  • Add the ADD_ONION and DEL_ONION commands that allow the creation and management of hidden services via the controller. Closes ticket 6411.
  • New "GETINFO onions/current" and "GETINFO onions/detached" commands to get information about hidden services created via the controller. Part of ticket 6411.
  • New HSFETCH command to launch a request for a hidden service descriptor. Closes ticket 14847.
  • New HSPOST command to upload a hidden service descriptor. Closes ticket 3523. Patch by "DonnchaC".

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