Solus Operating System Beta 2 Announced

The Solus Project team announced availability of second beta release of Solus Operating System, an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution featuring google chrome os like desktop environment which is commonly known as Budgie Desktop. Solus Operating system was earlier known as Evolve OS, and got renamed due to some legal issues.

According to release announcement:
The Solus Project team are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Solus Operating System Beta 2. This release is available for 64-bit systems, and is now available for EFI machines.

This release is the first new ISO since our project rebrand, and marks many technological changes. We’ve switched to HTTPS-only software repositories and implemented delta updates with highly compressed packages for quick, safe and bandwidth-friendly software management. Driver management is now available for NVIDIA users, and AMD driver management will feature in the coming weeks.

Download Solus Operating System Beta 2 64 Bit

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