Peppermint Six Released

Peppermint GNU/Linux developers announced release of Peppermint Six, the latest stable release of Lubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution targeting Desktop users who prefer to work with web based application. In another words, it is 'Google Chrome OS' like GNU/Linux distribution. However, the difference is that, Peppermint is build on top of a desktop distribution.

Peppermint Six is based in Lubuntu 14.04.2, the latest update of Lubuntu's recent release. Following are major highlights of Peppermint Six release.
  • Based on Lubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, includes Linux 3.16 and updated graphics stack.
  • Nemo is default file manager which enables some nice features like ability to handle custom action scripts.
  • LXTerminal, the default terminal emulator of LXDE is replaced with Sakura as it features tabbed terminals, scrolling, Gtk3 color handling and more
  • Update Manager has bee replaced with MintUpdate
  • Gnome MPlayer has been replaced with VLC, the universal media player
  • Default image viewer Mirage replaced with eog
  •  xfce4-power-manager has been replaced by mate-power-manager
  • i3lock has been replaced by light-locker as the default Screen lock as it was causing problems for some users.
  • Introduced Gnome Search Tool
  • New wallpaper manager based on nitrogen makes wallpaper management easy
  • mintstick, the USB creation tool of Linux Mint is included
  • Introduces new window manager named Peppermix
  • Smaller tweaks for improving usability

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