OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 7

10 Recommended Skills for GNU/Linux System Admins
05/23/2015 10:43 PM

An article written by Susan Hall, published in lists various skill required for different GNU/Linux System admins like novice system admin, junior system admin and senior system admin. As the world evolves for systems administrators, “Linux is exploding with new ideas and it's a little scary …,” as commenter Mike Tarkowski put it. Keeping up with emerging technologies in

Why People Contribute to Open Source Projects
05/23/2015 05:43 PM

People, or the community is one of the key component of open source projects. People across the world contribute to different open source projects. Have you ever wondered that, why people across the globe contribute to open source project? Here is an article written by Joel Lee, published in makeuseof that explores various factors that motivates people for contributing to open source projects.

Introduction to Openstack API
05/23/2015 05:37 PM

OpenStack is one of the widely used cloud computing platform. Here is guide written by Jeff Cogswell, published in that provides a good introduction to OpenStack API. OpenStack is an open-source, standard cloud computing platform. Included with OpenStack is an API that you can use for writing software that manages a cloud. You can write scripts that run as jobs to

Installing LibreOffice 4.4.3 in RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint
05/22/2015 08:42 PM

A guide written by Ravi Saive published in tecmint magazine explains the steps for installing recently released LibreOffice 4.4.3 in popular GNU/Linux distributions like RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint. LibreOffice is an open source and much powerful personal productivity office suit for Linux, Windows & Mac, that provides feature rich functions

Cloudbase and Canonical Join Hands to Bring Windows Hyper-V Support
05/22/2015 08:31 PM

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, announced their plan to join hands with Cloudbase Solutions, the developers of windows components in open stack, for enabling their customers to run KVM and Hyper-V environments side-by-side in the same managed cloud.  According to official announcement made by canonical: Enterprise users frequently employ Active Directory for identity management.

Finally Anaconda, Migrates to Python 3
05/21/2015 09:32 PM

Anaconda, is the installer application used by Fedora and RHEL and all their derivatives. Anaconda was written in python 2. By a blog post, one of the Fedora contributor, announces it's decision to migrate Anaconda into Python 3.x. Over the time, the Python language has been evolving and so has been Anaconda’s codebase getting not only new features and bug fixes, but also code

Future of Open Source in Health Sector
05/21/2015 09:24 PM

In an interview, famous open source contributor Fred Trotter talks about future of Open Source technologies in Health Sector. Fred Trotter is easy to recognize; he's a tall man with an equally big presence. Whether he's sporting his signature wild shock of blond hair or has shaved it bald as he does once a year or so, he can't be missed in a crowd. Any place where open source, big

Antergos 2015.04 Review
05/21/2015 09:08 PM

Antergos is an Arch based Rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring a simple and usable desktop environment. Few days ago, Antergos developers announced availability of Antergos 2015.04, the latest ISO of distribution. Here is a review of Anetergos 2015.04, published in ordinatechnic. Antergos is an Arch based distribution from Spain, offering users a simple installation of Arch. It was

ROSA Enterprise Desktop X2 Released
05/20/2015 09:53 PM

ROSA Company announced release of ROSA Enterprise Desktop X2, the latest stable release of Russian GNU/Linux distribution derived from Mandriva Linux, that provides tons of high-quality software for enterprise users out of the box. According to release announcement: The distribution includes software for all common tasks: office suite, Internet browser, E-mail and IM clients, audio

Why Linux Mint is Better than Ubuntu
05/20/2015 09:39 PM

An article written by Gary Newell, published in 'about tech' lists 5 reasons for using Linux Mint, a popular Ubuntu derivative, and not Ubuntu. On the surface there isn't much difference between Linux Mint and Ubuntu as Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu (except for Linux Mint Debian Edition) and apart from the desktop environment and default applications there isn't really a difference.

Benefits of using Open Source Debugger with your Hardware
05/20/2015 08:12 PM

An article written by Sean Cross, published in opensource describes various benefits of using open source debugger with your hardware. Working directly with hardware is hard. Each project brings with it mundane questions of which compiler to use, what communications protocols to work with, and how to load code. Developers also need to figure out how to debug the live system without

5 Tips for improving performance of Galera Cluster for MySQL or MariaDB on AWS Cloud
05/19/2015 09:08 PM

Galera Cluster is one popular clustering solution for MySQL and MariaDB. An article written by Severalnines published in severalnintes lists some tips for improving performance of Galera Cluster working on Amazone Web Services cloud. Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud environments. Galera Cluster is one of the most popular MySQL clustering solutions. This is exactly

MakuluLinux : A GNU/Linux distribution resembling Windows Aero
05/18/2015 08:47 PM

MakuluLinux Aero, a Linux distribution based on the Debian testing branch that uses Cinnamon and some customization that make it look like a Windows OS, has been released. There are quite a few operating systems out there trying to emulate the look and feel of Windows OSes. This trend has increased in the past few years, and it seems to be more powerful than ever. Users could

Solus Operating System Beta 2 Announced
05/18/2015 08:32 PM

The Solus Project team announced availability of second beta release of Solus Operating System, an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution featuring google chrome os like desktop environment which is commonly known as Budgie Desktop. Solus Operating system was earlier known as Evolve OS, and got renamed due to some legal issues. According to release announcement: The Solus

PC-BSD 10.1.2 Released
05/18/2015 08:15 PM

PC-BSD team announced release of PC-BSD 10.1.2, the next quarterly release of FreeBSD based BSD distribution which provides an excellent base for building desktop operating system. According to official release announcement, following are some notable changes introduced in PC-BSD 10.1.2  New PersonaCrypt Utility Allows moving all of users $HOME directory to an encrypted USB Drive. This

Top 9 Things to do After Installing Fedora 22 Workstation
05/17/2015 10:55 PM

Few weeks ago, Fedora Project announced release of Fedora 22 Beta, the Pre release of upcoming stable Release of RedHat sponsored GNU/Linux distribution. Fedora 22 Final will be released by next week. Fedora 22 Workstation Desktop Just after installation Fedora is very strict with it's ideology. So it does not ship any non-free components with it, except some proprietary blobs included

OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 6
05/17/2015 10:11 PM

Avidemux 2.6.9 Released 05/16/2015 11:18 PM Avidemux 2.6.9, the latest stable release of popular open source video editor is now available for download. Here is a release news of Avidemux 2.6.9, published in softpedia linux section. After more than a year of absence, the excellent Avidemux open-source video editor designed for all sorts of encoding, cutting, and filtering tasks

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