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Tor Project Decides to Discontinue Tor Cloud Service
05/09/2015 10:06 PM

The Tor Project announced it's decision to discontinue 'The Tor Cloud Project', which provided people a user-friendly way for deploying bridges on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform to help users across the world to access uncensored internet. However there are still may ways open for people to use censored internet.  According to official blog post regarding discontinuation of tor

Decorate Ubuntu 15.04 with Latest Nitrus Icons and Theme
05/09/2015 08:02 PM

A guide published in softpedia linux news that lists the steps to be followed for installing Nitrus Icons and Nitrus Theme developed by Nitrux S.A in Ubuntu 15.04, to make it more attractive and beautiful. So, you've just installed the recently released Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) operating system, and you're interested in changing the default look (wallpaper and icons) with some

Major Security Improvements in Linux Kernel Within Past 8 Years.
05/09/2015 12:19 PM

Linux Kernel has completed almost 23 years of it's journey. For past few years, security is one of the major concern of Linux Kernel developers. One of the article written by Charles Babcock, published in information week lists some major security improvements of Linux Kernel within Past 8 years. At a time when faith in open source code has been rocked by an outbreak of attacks based

Why did Linux Succeed over Similar Projects
05/09/2015 12:12 PM

An article written by Christopher Tozzi, published in thevarguy investigate various reasons for success of Linux Kernel, over several similar projects like BSD, GNU Hurd ..etc One of the most puzzling questions about the history of free and open source is this: Why did Linux succeed so spectacularly, whereas similar attempts to build a free or open source, Unix-like operating system

Different Ways for Contributing to Linux Kernel
05/08/2015 09:41 PM

An article written by Konrad Zapalowics in his personal blog that lists different ways in which you can contribute to Linux Kernel. This entry is purely a guideline on howto start this beautiful journey of Linux kernel programming. The learnig curve is pretty steep and choosing the right direction might be somewhat difficult. When I finished the Eudyptula Challenge I got involved into

A complete tutorial for contributing patch to Linux Kernel
05/08/2015 09:33 PM

This tutorial will cover how to get your first patch submitted. You have three choices for how to complete this tutorial: Run Linux in VMPlayer from Windows. Run Linux natively on your own machine. Run Linux within VMPlayer on Linux. We recommend running Linux natively. Most Linux kernel developers run Linux natively, so you may as well get used to it. If you want to run

ctop : A Command Line Tool to monitor GNU/Linux Container Performance
05/08/2015 09:29 PM

ctop is a new command line based tool available to monitor the processes at the container level. Containers provide operating system level virtualization environment by making use of the cgroups resource management functionality. This tool collects data related to memory, cpu, block IO and metadata like owner, uptime etc from cgroups and presents it in a user readable format so that

Stories of 5 Open Source Developers
05/08/2015 09:22 PM

Do you remember what it was like when you first started out in open source? I recently asked a group of developers to recount what it was like for them and what prompted them to start contributing to open source in the first place. Each has worked professionally as a developer for a range of 3 to 17 years, and represent an interesting cross section of backgrounds. These developers

LibreOffice 4.4.3 Released
05/07/2015 08:58 PM

The Document Foundation announced release of LibreOffice 4.43, the third minor release of the LibreOffice 4.4 'Fresh' family. This release of LibreOffice contains more than 80 fixes from previous release LibreOffice 4.4.2. Following are some resources related to this announcement: LibreOffice 4.4 'Fresh' Release Notes LibreOffice 4.4.3 'Fresh' Technical specifications Download

Managing an Open Source Project Requires 3 Things
05/07/2015 08:27 PM

An article written by Brian Hyder , published in argues that, managing an open source software can be brought down to three things. Those three things are Vision, Process and Perception. My favorite part about our open source project, PencilBlue, is that I get to interact with people from all over the world. When we first started, there were just two of us, but as

Open source is 'only reliable way' to preserve human history - Vatican
05/07/2015 08:22 PM

LAS VEGAS: OPEN SOURCE is key for humanity to preserve its history in the digital age, Vatican Library CIO Luciano Ammenti has argued. Ammenti made the bold claim at at EMC World in Las Vegas, attended by The INQUIRER, citing his experience digitising the Vatican's 82,000 manuscripts as proof. "The Vatican Library is a conservation library. We try to preserve our history. We tried to

Why Contributing To Linux Kernel, is not a difficult task
05/07/2015 08:19 PM

I gave a talk at LinuxCon Europe in Dusseldorf last year with the main goal being to  show people how easy it is to start with Linux kernel development. Despite my fear that the audience might be too advanced and find this topic rather boring I received good feedback with several opinions that these kind of guidelines and advice are more than welcome. Now, since the room capacity was

Canonical Plans to Provide Two Ubuntu Versions, One Using .deb and Other using Snappy
05/06/2015 10:19 PM

Canonical is bringing some very significant changes to Ubuntu and that includes a new way of packaging and maintaining the system. That being said, the company will continue to provide support for both the .deb based and .snap based Ubuntu systems for a long time. One of the most interesting decisions made by Canonical in the past couple of years, if we ignore the Ubuntu Touch

Improving Workflow Using KDE Dashboard and Widgets
05/06/2015 10:14 PM

An article written by Ivana Isadora Devcic published in makeuseof explains 'how to improve your workflow and productivity' by customizing KDE Dashboard and Widgets. The KDE dashboard features a collection of widgets that you can use to improve your workflow. Turn your Linux desktop into a productivity behemoth with these tips and tricks. Linux users, especially KDE fans, are in

Xubuntu Core, the minimal Xubuntu Released
05/06/2015 10:00 PM

Xubuntu developers announced release of Xubuntu Core, a lightweight Xubuntu, that comes with base system and a default XFCE desktop environment. This will help to reduce, ISO size and help people with lower bandwidth. According to official announcement: Xubuntu core is a slimmed down version of Xubuntu that doesn’t come with all the additional features of a full and modern desktop.

GhostBSD 10.1 Beta 1 Released
05/06/2015 09:44 PM

GhostBSD team announced release of GhostBSD 10.1 Beta 1, the first Beta Release of upcoming FreeBSD based BSD distribution, that combines with MATE Desktop environment and focus on user-friendliness. According to release announcement, following are changes introduced in GhostBSD after previous alpha release. Mouse integration suport for VirtualBox Instant verification for user and root to

Ubuntu now available for pre-order on AMD-based laptops
05/05/2015 08:20 PM

05 May 2015, London: Electronic Commerce Retailer Ebuyer has launched a series of AMD-based HP laptops preloaded with Ubuntu. These devices are perfect for business and home users and are now available for pre-order on; fully available at the end of May 2015. The launch with not only signals a significant milestone in terms of solidifying a partnership with one

FOSSers Confused With Significance of Open Source .Net Core
05/05/2015 08:13 PM

An article by Richard Adhikari published in linuxinsider look through the concerns of Free and Open Source Enthusiasts  on recent announcement of Microsoft, regarding Open Source .Net Core. At its Build dev conference last week, Microsoft released a preview of the next version of its .Net Core runtime distribution, fulfilling last fall's pledge to open source .Net and take it

Enlightenment 0.19.5 Desktop Environment Released
05/05/2015 08:07 PM

Enlightenment Desktop Environment developers announced availability of version 0.19.5, the latest bug fix release of popular desktop environment. Users of Enlightenment 0.19.4, can directly upgrade their system to latest release. Today, May 4, we announce the immediate availability for download of the Enlightenment 0.19.5 desktop environment, a release that fixes a significant amount

Managing Files Using Command Line
05/05/2015 07:59 PM

This article by Swapnil Bhartiya published in will tell you, different commands that can be used for managing files using command line interface. This is the third article in the 'Break the GUI' series, and it's all about managing files and directories without having to open the file manager. One great advantage of using the command line interface (CLI) to perform such

Listening to streaming music with Pi MusicBox
05/04/2015 08:38 PM

After my project to control my Christmas Tree lights with my Raspberry Pi, what would be my next project? I eventually landed on tinkering with Pi Musicbox, a spin of Raspbian with Mopidy that allows users to play all sorts of streaming services—like Spotify, TuneIn, SoundCloud—and local sound files on a 'headless' Raspberry Pi. In this guide, I'll show a bit of the work I had to do to

Best GNU/Linux and Open Source Apps for Enterprises 2015
05/04/2015 08:29 PM

Linux and Open Source technologies rule the enterprise segments. There are so many products and projects out there which are rescuing small and medium businesses from legacy software companies. Every small and medium business has its own peculiar use-cases and there is no one-sized -fits-all in this segment. I chose some tools which can play a pivotal role in your enterprise. These

Is Ubuntu Moving towards Rolling Release Model?
05/04/2015 08:24 PM

Developers from Canonical explained last week that they intended to rebase the Ubuntu Next flavor (featuring Mir and Unity8) on Snappy, which means that they were also considering moving to a rolling release model, even if it was just for this branch. Will Cooke from Canonical said last week that the current .deb based Desktop Next image would be going away and would be

Deepin 2014.3 Brings the eye candy to GNU/Linux world - Review
05/04/2015 08:18 PM

This is a review of deepin 2014.3, recently released elegant GNU/Linux distribution from china, featuring a unique desktop environment and a lot of unique and beautiful applications. This review is published in iwillfolo Deepin 2014.3 is the latest iteration of a beautiful operating system powered by Linux, it is slick, elegant, user-friendly and above all it’s open source and

GNOME 3.17.1 Released
05/04/2015 08:07 PM

GNOME 3.17.1, the latest development release of widely used open source desktop environment, is now available for download. This release of GNOME is a foot step to upcoming stable release GNOME 3.18. As we reported last week, the GNOME development team started work on the next major version of the acclaimed desktop environment, GNOME 3.18, and they've just released the first

Microsoft Launches .NET Distribution For GNU/Linux And Mac OS X
05/03/2015 08:46 PM

Last November, Microsoft said that it would bring some of the core features of its .NET platform — which has traditionally been Windows-only — to Linux and Mac. Today, at its Build developer conference, the company announced its first full preview of the .NET Core runtime for Linux and Mac OS X. In addition, Microsoft is making the release candidate of the full .NET framework for

'Let’s Encrypt' - A Free, Automated, and Open Certificate Authority
05/03/2015 03:47 PM

An article by Stuart Parkerson, published in appdevelopermagazine which describes about 'Let's encrypt', a free, automated, and open certificate authority from ISRG(Internet Security Research Group).     Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority from the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) which is hosted by The Linux Foundation. Let’s Encrypt allows

Streaming Content From a GNU/Linux System to Chromecast
05/03/2015 03:39 PM

A guide written by Swapnil Bhartiya in which describes the steps to be followed for streaming video content from a GNU/Linux System to a Chromecast, which is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV, and turn it into a smart TV. Chromecast is one of the most used devices in my household. After using it for over a year now, I

Why (not) Government Should Develop Their Own Software
05/03/2015 05:23 AM

Being a hardcore developer who cares deeply about software, and having worked for local government for the past eight years, I have pondered this question often. On the one hand, a running philosophical theme is that programming is the new literacy, and because software permeates every aspect of our lives, programming amounts to expressing knowledge, just like writing does. On the

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