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PC-BSD 10.1.2 RC1 Released
05/01/2015 07:51 PM

PC-BSD team announced release of PC-BSD 10.1.2 RC1, the first release candidate of upcoming FreeBSD based BSD distribution. According to release announcement, following are some notable changes introduced in current release of PC-BSD. New PersonaCrypt Utility allows moving all of users $HOME directory to an encrypted USB Drive. This drive can be connected at login, and used across

Lumina Desktop 0.8.4 Released
05/01/2015 07:43 PM

PC-BSD team announced release of Lumina Desktop 0.8.4, the latest stable release of lightweight, XDG-complicant, BSD-licensed desktop environment specifically designed for PC-BSD® and FreeBSD. According to release announcement: What else is new in PC-BSD 10.1.2? How about a new version of the Lumina Desktop Environment! PC-BSD users who stick to the “Production” branch of packages

OpenBSD 5.7 Released
05/01/2015 10:44 AM

OpenBSD developers announced release of OpenBSD 5.7, the latest stable release of 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. According to release announcement: We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 5.7. This is our 37th release on CD-ROM (and 38th via FTP/HTTP).  We remain proud of OpenBSD's record of more than ten years with only two remote holes in the default install

5 Specialized GNU/Linux distributions for Computer Repair
05/01/2015 10:36 AM

Computers are incredible tools that let users doing amazing things, but sometimes things go wrong. The problem could be as small as accidentally deleting files or forgetting a password—and as major as having an operating system rendered non-bootable by file system corruption. Or, worst case scenario, a hard drive dying completely. In each of these cases, and many more like them, there

Ubuntu Make 0.7 released with Visual Studio Code support
05/01/2015 12:12 AM

If you followed recent news, yesterday Microsoft announced Visual Studio Code support on stage during their Build conference. One of the nice surprise was that this new IDE, focused on web and cloud platforms, is available on Mac OS X and of course, on Linux! Some screenshots were presented at the conference with Visual Studio Code running on Ubuntu in an Unity Session. This

How an open standard API will help to Revolutionalize banking
04/30/2015 08:58 PM

The United Kingdom government has commissioned a study of the feasibility of UK banks giving customers the ability to share their transactional data with third parties via an open standard API. First mentioned alongside the autumn statement back in December, the chancellor has now outlined plans for a mandatory open banking API standard during the recent budget in March.

'Why I use KDE's Plasma, and What attracts me in Plasma 5.3'
05/01/2015 12:02 AM

An article written by Swapnil Bhartiya in itworld website, describing his experience with KDE and the things that attracts him to this popular Desktop environment.  KDE's Plasma is undeniably one of the most advanced desktop environments across platforms. The reason I call it the most advanced desktop is simple: it keeps my desktop relevant. When I look at my PC, I look at a 'personal

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Released
04/30/2015 08:48 PM

Simplicity GNU/Linux developers announced release of Simplicity Linux 15.4, the latest stable release of LXPup based GNU/Linux distribution featuring highly customized LXDE as default desktop environment. As usual custom, simplicity 15.4 is also available as Netbook Edition and the heavier version targeting desktop computers. According to release announcement: Simplicity Linux 15.4 is

Installing MPV Media Player on Fedora 21
04/29/2015 10:03 PM

'mpv' is a powerful multimedia player that is based on MPLayer and mplayer2 projects. It also contains new features of its own (according to the developers) and supports hardware (GPU) based video decoding (through VDPAU, VAAPI and VDA APIs) as well. It comes with a built-in GUI but it is a very simple looking one, and by default it won’t give you access to (useful) features like

Hopes and Dreams of Google Summer Of Code 2015
04/29/2015 08:59 PM

Google Summer of Code is getting ready to kick off their 11th iteration of the program. It offers a unique opportunity for students to get involved in open source, with the original slogan of the program being: "Flip bits, not burgers." All of the mentoring organizations have been announced, the student proposals are in, and the selected projects were just announced this week. I have

Tor Browser 4.5 Released
04/29/2015 08:25 PM

Tor Browser team announced release of Tor Browser 4.5, the latest stable release of popular web browsing suite dedicated to protect privacy and anonymity of users while swimming through the vast and wide world internet. This release of Tor Browser has made major improvements in following fields. Usability improvements Security improvements Privacy improvements Introduction of new

Kubuntu 15.04 With Plasma 5.3 - An Entirely Different Kubuntu
04/29/2015 08:13 PM

A review of recently released Kubuntu 15.04 with code name 'Vivid Vervet', published on The latest version of Kubuntu, 15.04, aka Vivid Vervet was released last week and it's available for free download. With this release it has become the first major distro to ship Plasma 5 as the default desktop environment. There are chances that some users may still have bad memories

Chromixium 1.0 Final Released
04/29/2015 08:04 PM

Chromixium GNU/Linux developers announced availability of Chromixium 1.0 Final. Chromixum is an Ubuntu LTS based project that provides elgant look and simplicity of popular Chrome OS used in Chrome.  According to release announcement: Chromixium puts the web front and center of the user experience. Web and Chrome apps work straight out of the browser to connect you to all your

Configuring Drupal with MongoDB Replica Set
04/28/2015 10:05 PM

Drupal’s modular setup allows for different datastores to be integrated as modules, this allows sites to store different types of Drupal data into MongoDB. You can choose to store Drupal’s cache, session, watchdog, block information, queue and field storage data in either a standalone MongoDB instance or in a MongoDB Replica Set in conjunction with MySQL as the default datastore.

An Open Source Tool for Producing and Balancing Energy
04/29/2015 07:49 PM

The software development process has evolved from vendors owning, controlling, and selling proprietary software into a collaborative, open source model. The process of producing energy is going through a similar evolution. Consumers have become producers, generating and sharing sustainable solar, wind, and hydro energy, and open source software is part of that energy production

Deepin GNU/Linux 2014.3 Released
04/28/2015 09:53 PM

Deepin GNU/Linux developers announced release of Deepin 2014.3, a Free and Open Source GNU/Linux distribution from China, dedicated to provide an elegant, user friendly, safe and stable Linux system for people across the globe. Deepin comes with a unique Desktop environment, popular known as Deepin Desktop Environment featuring great software like Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, WPS, Sogou input

MidnightBSD 0.6-RELEASE Announced
04/28/2015 09:42 PM

MidnightBSD developers announced release of MidnightBSD 0.6, a FreeBSD based BSD distribution dedicated to create an easy to use desktop environment with graphical ports management, and system configurations using GNUStep. MidnightBSD 0.6 is primarily a security fix release that comes with fix for a wide range of issues. According to release notes of MidnightBSD 0.6, following are some

5 Lies Linux-Haters Used To Tell
04/27/2015 11:01 PM

Linux is the Voldemort of computers. You speak its name and everyone cowers in the corner, fearful of the pain and suffering it might bring. The thing is, Linux may have been a scary operating system before, but all of that has changed in recent years. These myths, which are more accurately called lies, are now dead. Linux is too difficult Linux is Old and Ugly You must use the

3 Latest Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet' Reviews
04/27/2015 08:58 PM

Few days ago, Canonical announced release of Ubuntu 15.04 with code name 'Vivid Vervet'. In this post, we would like to share few reviews on Ubuntu 15.04 published in different sites. Ubuntu 15.04 Review on Canonical's Ubuntu operating system is probably the most widely used Linux distribution in the world. Ubuntu is made available in several editions, including

Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 Will Be Known as 'Stretch'
04/27/2015 07:59 PM

On April 26, the Debian Release Team, through Niels Thykier, announced that the next major release of the acclaimed Debian GNU/Linux computer operating system will be named Stretch. Yes, we are talking about Debian 9.0, whose codename is Stretch, another character from the well-known Toy Story animated movie. If you didn't know, it is a tradition to name major Debian GNU/Linux

BackBox Linux 4.2 Released
04/27/2015 07:53 PM

BackBox GNU/Linux developers announced release of BackBox Linux 4.2, a Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution developed to perform penetration tests and security assessments. BackBox Linux is designed to be fast, easy to use and it provides a minimal but complete desktop environment. BackBox Linux is based on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. According to release announcement, BackBox Linux 4.2 comes

Mageia 5 Release Candidate is Available
04/27/2015 07:43 PM

Mageia GNU/Linux developers announced availability of release of candidate of Mageia 5 GNU/Linux. Mageia is a Free and Open Source GNU/Linux distribution, initially forked from Mandriva Linux in 2010. According to release announcement of Mageia 5 RC: And we’ve all waited long enough for Mageia 5 RC: go grab it! While you wait for the download to complete, all restless and eager that you

OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 3
04/26/2015 08:32 PM

A glance at Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet' Flavours 04/25/2015 02:06 PM Few days ago, Ubuntu team announced release of Ubuntu 15.04 and it's different official flavors with code name 'Vivid Vervet'. In this post, we would like to have a quick overview of different flavors of Ubuntu 15.04. // More practical CSS... // using mobile first method (IE8,7 requires respond.js polyfill

Building Your Own Custom GNU/Linux Distribution
04/26/2015 09:52 PM

There are hundreds of actively maintained Linux distributions. They come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Yet there’s none like the one you’re currently running on your computer. That’s because you’ve probably customised it to the hilt – you’ve spent numerous hours adding and removing apps and tweaking aspects of the distro to suit your workflow. Wouldn’t it be great if

The three open source projects that transformed Hadoop
04/26/2015 09:53 PM

This article from describes three open source projects hive, spark, and Presto which transformed Hadoop as we to day. Hadoop, an open source software framework with the funny sounding name, has been a game-changer for organizations by allowing them to store, manage, and analyze massive amounts of data for actionable insights and competitive advantage. But this wasn't

Debian 8 'Jessie' Released
04/26/2015 09:26 AM

Debian GNU/Linux developers announced release of Debian 8 'Jessy', the new stable release of so called 'The Universal Operating System'. This release is a LTS release and will be supported for coming 5 years by both Debian security team and Debian Long Term Support Team. According to release announcement: After almost 24 months of constant development the Debian project is proud to

5 Important Steps to be Followed by GNU/Linux job seekers
04/26/2015 09:53 PM

Linux talent is in high demand, and the evidence is in the numbers. According to the 2015 Linux Jobs Report from the Linux Foundation, 92 percent of IT managers plan to hire Linux pros within the next six months. The 2015 Linux Jobs Report includes data from hiring managers (1,010) and Linux professionals (3,446) and provides an overview of the state of the market for Linux careers and

Debian 7 Wheezy and Debian 8 Jessie May Become LTS Releases
04/25/2015 07:47 PM

Following on the success of the Squeeze LTS project, the Debian LTS team had the pleasure of announcing that they are preparing to support the Debian 7 (Wheezy) operating system with security patches for a longer period. Eventually, Debian 8 (Jessie), which will be released tomorrow, April 25, might also become an LTS (Long Term Support) version in the next couple of years. However,

A glance at Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet' Flavours
04/25/2015 02:06 PM

Few days ago, Ubuntu team announced release of Ubuntu 15.04 and it's different official flavors with code name 'Vivid Vervet'. In this post, we would like to have a quick overview of different flavors of Ubuntu 15.04. // More practical CSS... // using mobile first method (IE8,7 requires respond.js polyfill $breakpoint-alpha: 480px; // adjust to

Using Command Line For Software Management
04/26/2015 09:53 PM

This article published in explains, how to use command line interface for managing different software installed in your system. I see great benefits when using the command line in any Ubuntu-based system. Each *buntu comes with its own 'custom' software management tool which not only creates inconsistent experiences across different flavors, even if they use the same

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