Netrunner 16 'Ozymandias' Released

Netrunner developers announced release of Netrunner 16 with code name 'Ozymandias', the latest stable release of Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop environment.

According to release announcement:
This is the release announcement of Netrunner 16 Main Edition Ozymandias 64bit.  And he told that there once was a mighty king in the land of ancient desktops, called KDE- The King of DEsktops! And though the name and places have changed, its stories are still told and memories recalled. As it is known, there comes a point in time, where all things present must become a thing of the past to make way for the new and shiny.  Much like sand exposed to heat is transformed into something new called silikon, Plasma was formed out of the building blocks of its ancestor KDE 4. And so the old king is back – in its new incarnation called Plasma Desktop 5 ! The Plasma Desktop carries all the DNA of its predecessor and molds it into something new: A thing of the future, for the next generation to come.
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Download Netrunner 16 'Ozymandias' 64 Bit

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