Major Security Improvements in Linux Kernel Within Past 8 Years.

Linux Kernel has completed almost 23 years of it's journey. For past few years, security is one of the major concern of Linux Kernel developers. One of the article written by Charles Babcock, published in information week lists some major security improvements of Linux Kernel within Past 8 years.

At a time when faith in open source code has been rocked by an outbreak of attacks based on the Shellshock and Heartbleed vulnerabilities, it's time to revisit what we know about Linux security. Linux is so widely used in enterprise IT, and deep inside Internet apps and operations, that any surprises related to Linux security would have painful ramifications.

In 2007, Andrew Morton, a no-nonsense colleague of Linus Torvalds known as the "colonel of the kernel," called for developers to spend time removing defects and vulnerabilities. "I would like to see people spend more time fixing bugs and less time on new features. That's my personal opinion," he said in an interview at the time.
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