Improving Workflow Using KDE Dashboard and Widgets

An article written by Ivana Isadora Devcic published in makeuseof explains 'how to improve your workflow and productivity' by customizing KDE Dashboard and Widgets.

The KDE dashboard features a collection of widgets that you can use to improve your workflow. Turn your Linux desktop into a productivity behemoth with these tips and tricks.

Linux users, especially KDE fans, are in for an exciting year. Plasma 5 is out and (almost) ready to take over the desktop.

Still, many users are not ready to switch for various reasons. After all, KDE 4.14 is a perfectly stable and polished product entirely deserving of the title “the most customizable desktop environment for Linux”. In fact, KDE has so many options that you can use it for years and still not discover the most practical features. Obvious examples are Activities and the Widget Dashboard, two KDE components that most people are aware of, but never fully exploit their potential.

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