HandyLinux 2.0 Released

HandyLinux developers announced release of HandyLinux 2.0, the latest stable release of Debian based, elegant GNU/Linux distribution from France.

HandyLinux 2.0 is based on Debian 8 'Jessy', and will be supported as long as the base distribution provides support which will be for minimum of 6 years. HandyLinux 2.0 comes with updated documentation which will make things easy for beginners.

According to release announcement(French), following changes are made in HandyLinux 2.0 release.
  • Updated HandyMenu and other HandyLinux tools
  • Official website is redesigned
  • Added BTshare, a simplified P2P sharing tool
  • added custom actions in Thunar
  • Provides Skype gateway option
  • Integration of gnome-orca
  • Adding launchers for tools / social / gallery ..etc
  • Added the password management tool
  • Added menulibre for editing menus XFCE
  • Supports bash-completion
  • addition of transmission for the P2P sharing management
  • New themes for Iceweasel
  • New fonts like Carlito & caladea (eq. Calibri & Cambria) has been added
  • kernel:
    • passing 486-586 for old PCs
    • Version merger of 586 and 686-pae
    • Adding Detection Script / delete unnecessary kernel
  • theming / graphics:
    • redesign of the website / forum / wiki / blog
    • addition of handylinuxlook
    • Added the HandyTheme for quick change of interface
    • Slim new theme "flat" by starsheep
    • new walls by starsheep
    • Added qt4-qtconfig to vlc
    • Added additional themes icons (tango, gnome-colors, gilouche)
    • changed the icon whiskermen
    • Updated based distribution to Debian 8 'Jessy'
      • replaced the software-center by gnome-packagekit
      • replacement file-roller by xarchiver
      • replacement gnome-Searchtool by catfish and mlocate (Elm thank you and thuban)
      • replacement Quodlibet by clementine
      • replacement shotwell by ristretto
      • replacement leafpad mousepad by default text editor (coyotus thank you)
      • replacement xpad by xfce4-rating-plugin for better integration panel
    • cleaning:
      • suppression of HandyMenu investment option in conflict with XFCE (Caribou22 thank you)
      • removing obsolete apt preferences for LibreOffice
      • removing obsolete packages ntfsprogs / netatalk / fuse-utils / dfc / xfprint4 / gtk3-engines-unico
      • Removal xl-wallpaper: xfce now handles change fund
      • removing compiz-handylinux deposits
      • Removal slingscold-launcher
      • Removal bleachbit
      • Removal Zram
      • Removal Minitube
      • Removal phonon
      • removing oggconvert
      • Removal of win32-loader
      • cleaning addons Iceweasel
      • cleaning the walls
      • delete icon themes Nitrux / NitruxButtons 

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22 May 2015 at 03:20 delete

Thanks for the review. Arpinux the dev has worked a lot to provide good stuff to be usefull for beginners and everyday users. we are happy of the job HandyLinux provides.