FOSSers Confused With Significance of Open Source .Net Core

An article by Richard Adhikari published in linuxinsider look through the concerns of Free and Open Source Enthusiasts  on recent announcement of Microsoft, regarding Open Source .Net Core.

At its Build dev conference last week, Microsoft released a preview of the next version of its .Net Core runtime distribution, fulfilling last fall's pledge to open source .Net and take it cross-platform for Mac and Linux.The move is in line with Microsoft's ambitious plans to have Windows run across all platforms and devices, and have a billion active Windows 10 users by FY 2018.

"Windows 10 is and will be a standard .Net platform, and improving the interoperability of .Net builds bridges from those platforms to Windows 10, effectively augmenting the developer community available to Microsoft and exposing the portfolio of apps they create to Microsoft platforms," said Bill Weinberg, senior director of open source strategy for Black Duck Software.

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