Finally Anaconda, Migrates to Python 3

Anaconda, is the installer application used by Fedora and RHEL and all their derivatives. Anaconda was written in python 2. By a blog post, one of the Fedora contributor, announces it's decision to migrate Anaconda into Python 3.x.

Over the time, the Python language has been evolving and so has been Anaconda’s codebase getting not only new features and bug fixes, but also code improvements using new language features. Such evolution have been happening in small steps over the time, but in recent years the community around the Python language have been slowly migrating to a new backwards-incompatible version of the language — Python 3. Python 3 is the version of Python that will get future improvements and generally the vast majority of focus and work. There will only be bugfixes for Python 2 in the future. Users of Fedora may have noticed that there was a proposal for a major Python 3 as Default change that suggested migrating core components (more or less everything that’s available on a live media) to Python 3 for Fedora 22. Since some developers and partially also QA ignored it (intentionally or not), the deadline was missed and the..

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