Fedora 22 Released

Fedora Project announced release of Fedora 22, the latest stable release of Popular Bleeding Edge GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by Open Source giant RedHat. This release includes Fedora cloud - The cloud platform, Fedora Server - The server platform, Fedora workstation - The desktop/laptop platform.

According to release announcement:
We are proud to announce the official release of Fedora 22, the community-driven and community-built operating system now available in Cloud, Server, and Workstation editions.

If that’s all you need to hear, jump over to Get Fedora to download — or for current users, run the upgrade tool.

In addition to the latest versions of all your favorite free and open source software, Fedora 22 marks our second release with distinctly-targeted offerings for cloud computing, the server room, and the desktops and laptops of software developers and creators everywhere. Thanks to the hard work of developers, designers, packagers, translators, testers, documentation writers, and everyone else, we’re incredibly confident in saying that this is our best and most polished release yet.
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Download/Upgrade to Fedora 22

You can start by downloading Fedora 22:

If you are upgrading from a previous release of Fedora, refer to:

Fedora’s FedUp utility enables an easy upgrade to Fedora 22 from previous releases. See the FedUp page on the Fedora wiki for more information:

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