Different Ways for Contributing to Linux Kernel

An article written by Konrad Zapalowics in his personal blog that lists different ways in which you can contribute to Linux Kernel.

This entry is purely a guideline on howto start this beautiful journey of Linux kernel programming. The learnig curve is pretty steep and choosing the right direction might be somewhat difficult.

When I finished the Eudyptula Challenge I got involved into a discussion with little who is the penguin that runs the challenge. He asked me if I would like to contribute and when I said yes he asked me if I have any idea what I would like to do in the kernel. I answered that given my current level of knowledge the best for me would be to work with one of the mantainers who could tell me what shall be done and later review my work so that I can learn and do something usefull at th esame time. Can you guess the answer?
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