Deepin Linux - A Polished Distro That's Easy to Install and Use : Review

Deepin is an elegant GNU/Linux distribution from China. According to distrowatch ranking, it is most popular Chinese GNU/Linux distribution. Deepin is unique, because of it's unique desktop environment based on html 5 technologies, known as deepin desktop. Also, deepin provides a lot of great applications like deepin movie player, deepin music player, deepin control center, deepin Software Center ..etc

Here is a review of Deepin GNU/Linux distribution, written by Swapnil Bhartiya, published in
I usually don't dig into new distros, unless they have something new to offer. The reason is because there are so many distros that are released everyday that it's challenging, and to some extent, pointless to track them all. I was not very excited when I decided to download Deepin as I assumed it to be yet another distro. I was wrong. It turned out to be an extremely polished, robust and easy-to-use distribution targeted at traditional Windows or Mac users. So what makes this OS so special? Almost everything.
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