Deepin 2014.3 Brings the eye candy to GNU/Linux world - Review

This is a review of deepin 2014.3, recently released elegant GNU/Linux distribution from china, featuring a unique desktop environment and a lot of unique and beautiful applications. This review is published in iwillfolo

Deepin 2014.3 is the latest iteration of a beautiful operating system powered by Linux, it is slick, elegant, user-friendly and above all it’s open source and free.Don’t you just love it when a distro that is based off of another one actually has some uniqueness of its own to show for? If you agree, then you’re probably going to love Deepin.A little spoiler before we begin the review: Deepin has certainly got a lot better since the last time I reviewed it. Some of the negative key parts I found back then have either been completely removed, fixed or optimized since.

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