Debian 8.1 to be Released on June

Debian 8.1, the first update release of recently released Debian 8 'Jessy' is expected to release on June. Debian developers are working hard to meet their expected release date.

According to report in softpedia linux section
Debian 8 (Jessie) was announced only a month ago, and now its developers are preparing the first point update for it and they even have a precise date in mind.

The Debian project is not known for its precise schedule. In fact, it's difficult to anticipate when new Debian releases are made, so getting an actual date, even if it's just for an update, is a big step forward.

"The first point release for "jessie" (8.1) is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th. Stable NEW will be frozen during the preceding weekend," said Adam D. Barratt in a very short message.

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