Configuring Touchpad in GNU/Linux Systems

Have you ever wondered how to configure your laptop touchpad as you wish. An article written by Jack Wallen published in techrepublic magazine explains, how to configure your touch pad in GNU/Linux systems.

A few months ago, I added a Logitech T650 touchpad to my desktop setup. After a firmware update (one that had to be done via Windows--shame on you Logitech), the touchpad worked flawlessly under Ubuntu 14.10. Single-tap, double-tap, scrolling, and some gestures made my daily grind a little bit less, well, grindy.

But then I opted to make the leap to Ubuntu 15.04 and, out of nowhere, the touchpad wasn't working nearly as well. What happened? Oddly enough, the latest kernel finally received built-in support for touch devices. This means that users will no longer have to struggle to get those touchpads to work. However, this came at a cost. Out of the box, the touchpad is nowhere near efficient enough to work. It's slow, tapping doesn't always work as well, and scrolling isn't always what you'd hope it to be.

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