Configuring and Running Vagrant on Fedora 22

Vagrant is a software tool that let you to create portable and reproducible environment easily. It is obvious that, this tool will help you to make significant reduction in the time that you spent to configure your development environment. Here is an article published in fedoramagazine that provides a detailed guide for installing, configuring and running Vagrant on recently released Fedora 22.

Fedora 22 comes with a lot of great features and having Vagrant with libvirt support is one of them. Don’t know what Vagrant is good for? Vagrant is a program that enables you to create portable and reproducible development environments easily supporting many hosts and guests operating systems and various features such as synced folders, forwarded ports and support for famous provisioners such as Chef, Puppet or Ansible. And that’s still not everything. You can configure Vagrant to use Linux containers (Docker support is baked in) or famous cloud services so you don’t even have to run your development virtual machine on your computer.

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