Configuring Fedora 22/23 Workstation Using Fedy

Fedora is one of the widely used GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat enterprises. It is very strict with it's ideology. So it does not ship any non-free components with it. As a result it is not necessary that, Fedora Workstation will satisfy everyone's day to day requirement unless it is configured to match with individuals requirements. 

Fedy, is a user friendly utility with graphical interface, that allows you to configure your system with ease. It contains almost all necessary tweaks required for a day to day computer user, ranging from touchpad configuration to installation multimedia codecs and adobe flash player.

According to an article published in softpedia :
The Fedy open source graphical utility that helps Fedora Linux users tweak their installations has recently been updated with a revamped user interface and support for the Fedora 22 distro.

The Fedora Project will release later today, May 26, the highly anticipated Fedora 22 Linux operating system, so you will need a powerful and straightforward tool to tweak some things after installations. As such, we can report that Fedy 4.0.1 has been released today just for that.
Fedy (formerly Fedora Utils) promises to help you enable support for multimedia codecs or install beautiful fonts and enhance your web browsing experience with the Adobe Flash Player and Oracle Java plugins.
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For installing Fedy, in Fedora Workstation, you may execute following command.
$ su -c "curl -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"

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