Cloudbase and Canonical Join Hands to Bring Windows Hyper-V Support

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, announced their plan to join hands with Cloudbase Solutions, the developers of windows components in open stack, for enabling their customers to run KVM and Hyper-V environments side-by-side in the same managed cloud. 

According to official announcement made by canonical:
Enterprise users frequently employ Active Directory for identity management. BootStack now allows the integration of Keystone (OpenStack’s identity component) with Active Directory, either by leveraging an existing onsite domain or by provisioning a new fault tolerant Active Directory forest and domain.

Networking between Ubuntu and Hyper-V hosts is based on modern overlay standards provided by Open vSwitch (OVS) with VXLAN, VLANs and soon NVGRE on Microsoft’s native networking stack, fully integrated in Neutron. Open vSwitch comes natively in Ubuntu and has been recently ported to Hyper-V thanks to Cloudbase Solutions, VMWare and the rest of the other members of the community.
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