Canonical Joins Hands with Acer, GE and Microsoft for 'Internet of Things'

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, is making a partnership with Acer, DataArt, and Microsoft for developing great technologies that may change style of human life in coming days.

Old enemies are becoming new allies as technology shifts from the PC/desktop model to first mobile computing and now the Internet of Things (IoT). Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company, is partnering with Acer, DataArt, and Microsoft

That wasn't a typo. Canonical and Microsoft, which were already working together on bringing Canonical's Juju DevOps tools to Windows and bringing Windows Server to OpenStack, are working with DataArt on an IoT industrial predictive maintenance solution. It will combine the three companies' IoT, cloud, big data, machine learning, and Docker efforts. To integrate all of this they'll be using "Snappy" Ubuntu apps, DeviceHive, and Juju Charms. Microsoft will also use an Azure service to manage and capture machine data.

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