Break your GNU/Linux and Learn by Fixing it.

Trouble Maker is a software tool developed to train you fixing GNU/Linux system. It will introduce some issues intentionally in your system and you have to solve those issues. This will help you to get familiar different kind of problems which may encounter with your GNU/Linux system.

Here is an article by Avishekh Kumar , published in techmint magazine that introduces Trouble Maker.
Fixing a broken Linux System can be a cumbersome job if you don’t have the idea of what exactly is going on. What most of us do when we gets a broken Linux system? Most of us searches the forum and/or google about the problem. While we hate troubles, how about installing a ‘Trouble Maker‘ application, which essentially creates troubles, gives you hard time and want you to fix broken system.

This is a nice way of learning to fix a broken Linux System. For this purpose, there is a special Linux Distro available called ‘Damn Vulnerable Linux’ (DVL), it’s bundled with ill-configured, outdated and exploitable tools which trains administrators to industry standard.

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