Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 Released

Black Lab Linux developers announced release of Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1, the first service release of Debian/Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution. Current service pack release includes all security and bug fixes for project's initial release.

According to release announcement:
Along with security fixes Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 completes our transition to one standard desktop, KDE.  Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 will not have separate ISO's of the different desktops but you can download and install alternative desktop environments from the repositories.
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Following are some major highlights of current Black Lab release.
  • Kernel 3.16.0-36
  • The Ubuntu LTS Compatible kernel 3.13.0-52
  • Firefox 37.0.2
  • Thunderbird 31.6
  • KDE Desktop Sharing for remote access
  • Timeshift which allows you to create "restore points" so you can restore your desktop to an earlier state
  • KolourPaint for basic image editing
  • Shotwell

See detailed list of packages included in Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1

Download Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 32 Bit

Download Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 64 Bit

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