Antergos 2015.04 Review

Antergos is an Arch based Rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring a simple and usable desktop environment. Few days ago, Antergos developers announced availability of Antergos 2015.04, the latest ISO of distribution. Here is a review of Anetergos 2015.04, published in ordinatechnic.

Antergos is an Arch based distribution from Spain, offering users a simple installation of Arch. It was formerly known as Cinnarch, using the Cinnamon desktop by default, but because of the conflicting priorities of Arch and Linux Mint -- the developers of the Cinnamon desktop -- Antergos dropped Cinnamon as its default desktop and changed its name. The conflicting priorities that precipitated this change are that Arch values having the latest packages and associated libraries whereas Linux Mint values serving as many of their users as possible, even those on older versions. The very fast release schedule of GNOME, whose libraries Cinnamon uses, wasn't compatible with both of these priorities. But now, the issue seems to have resolved itself such that Antergos offers a well packaged Cinnamon desktop as well as five other desktop environments.
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