78% of Companies Relies on Open Source for Running Activities

An article written Paul Santinelly published in opensource.com says that, 78% of companies in world Relies on Open Source technologies for running at least few of their operations.

It’s been nine years since my firm, North Bridge, began our annual examination of trends in open source, which we conduct in conjunction with Black Duck Software. Each year the Future of Open Source Survey has revealed interesting developments related to both adoption and perception of open source. This year is no different.

The 2015 Future of Open Source Survey, which analyzed input from a record 1300 C-suite and senior IT professionals, tells us that we’ve reached a tipping point of sorts. Open source has reached unprecedented levels of pervasiveness. While once regarded as a novelty, open source has now become virtually ubiquitous in its adoption—with a whopping 78% of companies reporting that they run part or all of their operations on open source, and only 3% saying they don’t use it in any way.

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