10 Recommended Skills for GNU/Linux System Admins

An article written by Susan Hall, published in linux.com lists various skill required for different GNU/Linux System admins like novice system admin, junior system admin and senior system admin.

As the world evolves for systems administrators, “Linux is exploding with new ideas and it's a little scary …,” as commenter Mike Tarkowski put it.

Keeping up with emerging technologies in infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as a service such as OpenStack will be key to navigating this changing landscape, according to Randy Russell, director of certification for Red Hat.

In fact, participants at the recent OpenStack Summit in Paris said lack of qualified staff poses one of the biggest challenges to wider adoption of the technology.

An increasing number (77 percent) of hiring managers responding to the Linux Foundation/Dice poll this year said hiring Linux staff was among their priorities. The skills they’re most aggressively seeking include systems administration, 58 percent; Linux application development, 45 percent; and system architecture/engineering, 45 percent.

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