'Why I use KDE's Plasma, and What attracts me in Plasma 5.3'

An article written by Swapnil Bhartiya in itworld website, describing his experience with KDE and the things that attracts him to this popular Desktop environment. 

KDE's Plasma is undeniably one of the most advanced desktop environments across platforms. The reason I call it the most advanced desktop is simple: it keeps my desktop relevant. When I look at my PC, I look at a 'personal computer', a powerful computing device that assists me in doing my job, enjoying my hobbies, providing entertainment.

A desktop environment could become a wall or bridge between myself and that powerful hardware on my PC. I want this desktop environment to be capable of doing more for me, not less. I don't want a DE that cripples the capabilities of my computer, just because its developers think it's unimportant.

That's where KDE's Plasma shines.
One simple example is the ability to batch rename files, something that is important for me as an avid photographer. And it's fairly easy to do in Dolphin, the default file manager of Plasma.
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