The Blender Institute's Sixth Open Film Project

The Blender Institute's sixth film project, codenamed Gooseberry, is in deep into the most open production from the Blender Institute yet. If you've been following the project so far, then you already have a sense of what Blender means by an "open production"—lots of sharing.

Artists and developers share raw layout animations, art in development, and the files they're using to make the film, and also host weekly Google Hangouts for fans and followers (every Friday at 6 p.m. Amsterdam time) to show their progress. However, to Blender founder and Gooseberry producer Ton Roosendaal—and to the wider filmmaking world—the open production is about a lot more than just sharing the project's developments. So what does being an "open production" mean, exactly? And what does it mean for the wider animation community? Not only is it an opportunity to improve Blender's software and educate animation fans and would-be animators around the world, but it's also a chance to show the movie-making powers that be that there's a fairer, better way to do business.
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