SuperX 3.0 A Smooth KDE Experience - Review

The SuperX distribution began as a one-person project and was first put together by a developer in India. However, the distribution grew and is now maintained by Libresoft Technology. The latest release of SuperX, version 3.0 "Grace", offers users the KDE 4 desktop and ships with a number of features designed to make the desktop operating system more responsive. As the project's website states, "Grace gives more priority to application responsiveness; you will feel it right from the start -- a fast, smooth, responsive system. Grace, by default, compresses unused memory pages within RAM rather than swapping out to the swap partition, making it responsive even when the system memory is low. Commonly used applications are preloaded and cached in memory for faster start-up of your favourite applications." SuperX provides users with multimedia support out of the box and a useful collection of desktop applications.
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