SparkyLinux 4.0 RC Released

SparkyLinux developers announced availability of SparklyLinux 4.0 RC, a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution providing LXDE and OpenBox desktop environments.

From Release Announcement:
The new iso images provide the release candidate, before the final version of 4.0 will be out. SparkyLinux 4.0 RC is available in two versions:
– LXDE – our flagship edition with lightweight LXDE desktop, full set of selected applications and functions
– Openbox – “Base” edition with ultra lightweight Openbox desktop, which gives a nice and solid base to build personalized desktop on the top of Debian testing.
Following are changes introduced in latest version of SparkyLinux.
– massive numbers of updates from Debian testing and SparkyLinux repositories
– full system rebranding, see HowTo:
– new flat theme “Sparky4″
– new flat icon set “Ultra-Flat-Icons”
– wallpaper “Vortex” by LiquidSky64
– the look of all the system’s elements has been fully integrated
– many visual improvement
– Gnome-Alsamixer replaced by Pulse Audio Mixer (LXDE edition)
– XChat replaced by HexChat
– Wbar has been removed
– traditional look of the desktop with one bottom’s panel
– updated Boot-Repair (available in Live system only)
– updated Live-Installer
– the default’s Sparky iso building tool is Sparky Backup System now; it works in a text console or using Yad based GUI – available in our repos
– many small improvements
– many improvements and bugs fixing of Sparky apps
– all the Sparky apps moved to SourceForge git repos

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