Solus Project/ Evolve OS team officially responds about naming conflicts

Today, Solus Project developers officially responded about naming controversies around previous project name 'Evolve OS', through official blog of project.

According to blog post :
Firstly we’d like to apologise for the downtime, confusion and general inconvenience of late. In short we’ve been involved in a naming dispute for the previously named “Evolve OS” project. On April 1st (yep, really) we were contacted regarding a naming dispute over the use of ‘OS‘. In the past the Evolve OS project had applied for a trademark in the name of “Evolve OS”, which was going through a 2 month period in which those opposing the mark can file their objection.

UK law requires the opposing party to first make contact before filing against a claim, which is what happened here. As our project is based in the UK (primarily due to my presence here, as its sole legal entity) I must of course oblige with UK law (UK trademark application). Our first thought was to shorten the project name, but of course a game of the same name exists.
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