Simplicity Linux 15.4 Released

Simplicity GNU/Linux developers announced release of Simplicity Linux 15.4, the latest stable release of LXPup based GNU/Linux distribution featuring highly customized LXDE as default desktop environment. As usual custom, simplicity 15.4 is also available as Netbook Edition and the heavier version targeting desktop computers.

According to release announcement:
Simplicity Linux 15.4 is now available for download in Netbook and Desktop editions, both available in 32 and 64 bit versions.  It is based on the excellent LXPup and uses their implementation of LXDE as the desktop environment.  The 32 bit kernel is the 3.14.20 kernel and the 64 bit kernel is the 3.17.20 kernel.  As usual, our Netbook Edition is lighter, with shortcuts to web apps rather than locally installed applications.  Desktop is our heavier version, with bigger, locally installed apps like VLC and LibreOffice.  We hope you enjoy using Simplicity Linux as much as we enjoyed working on it.
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