SalentOS 14.04.2 Released

SalentOS developers announced availability of SalentOS 14.04.2, the latest update to SalentOS 14.04 series, a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS based GNU/Linux distribution from Italy, featuring Razor-Qt and OpenBox Desktop Environments.

According to release announcement of SalentOS 14.04.2, following are changes made in latest release of SalentOS.
  • Updated System Core
  • Newly developed SalentOS Control Center replaces previous XFCE Control Center
  • Redesigned SalentOS main menu
  • SalentOS Tin2 Configuration Manager enables customization of tint2 panel
  • SalentOS Update Center to install/remove/update software
  • New Oblogout Theme Manager
  • Welcome Screen Introduced
  • Updated Firefox Web browser
  • Other updates and bugfixes

Release Announcement of  SalentOS 14.04.2

Download SalentOS 14.04.2

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