Project Atomic, A minimal Host for managing and running clusters of containers.

Last time on My Open Source Life, I selected an open source project to start working with, mainly on the documentation side of the project. That project is Project Atomic, a minimal host for managing and running clusters of containers.
I had some concerns about learning Middleman and HAML, but there was a solid 'fork-and-go' contribution mindset. I started lurking in the -devel list and the IRC channels to start, and picked a single piece of content that I thought could use an update. I got in touch with one of the project folks on IRC and asked about the best way to go about creating and submitting my first change.
The first thing I worked on was changing the Building Images document. The existing doc was solid, but referenced Docker images that weren't generally accessible or were older. Mainly, general clean up with an eye to making the command line call-outs correct. These were the initial fixes I needed to make and understand when getting my first Atomic host up, so I wanted to make sure it worked for other people trying to follow the directions.

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