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A glance at Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet' Flavours
04/25/2015 02:06 PM

Few days ago, Ubuntu team announced release of Ubuntu 15.04 and it's different official flavors with code name 'Vivid Vervet'. In this post, we would like to have a quick overview of different flavors of Ubuntu 15.04. // More practical CSS... // using mobile first method (IE8,7 requires respond.js polyfill $breakpoint-alpha: 480px; // adjust to

Using Command Line For Software Management
04/25/2015 11:25 AM

This article published in explains, how to use command line interface for managing different software installed in your system. I see great benefits when using the command line in any Ubuntu-based system. Each *buntu comes with its own 'custom' software management tool which not only creates inconsistent experiences across different flavors, even if they use the same

OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha Announced
04/24/2015 10:49 PM

OpenMandriva community announced availability of OpenMandriva Lx 3 Alpha, the pre release of upcoming stable OpenMandrive Lx 3. OpenMandriva is a fork of Mandriva GNU/Linux. According to release announcement: The OpenMandriva Community has been working hard, and after a long period of development and fixes, we’re happy to announce the alpha release of OpenMandriva Lx 3 (

Open source policies show commitment to student data privacy
04/24/2015 08:08 PM

In the growing hubbub around student data privacy and security, it can be hard for edtech companies to identify concrete steps to demonstrate their commitment to protecting student information. Education tech startup Clever recently made a commitment to transparency by making their privacy policies open source, posting the policy on GitHub so anyone can track changes. For Clever,

Why Unikernels Can Improve Internet Security
04/24/2015 08:04 PM

Many industries are rapidly moving toward networked, scale-out designs with new and varying workloads and data types. Yet, pick any industry —  retail, banking, health care, social networking or entertainment —  and you’ll find security risks and vulnerabilities are highly problematic, costly and dangerous. Adam Wick, creator of the The Haskell Lightweight Virtual Machine (HaLVM)

Configuring Personal Git Server
04/24/2015 07:59 PM

GitHub is a great service, however there are some limitations and restrictions, especially if you are an individual or a small player. One of the limitations of GitHub is that the free service doesn’t allow private hosting of the code. You have to pay a monthly fee of $7 to host 5 private repositories, and the expenses go up with more repos. In cases like these or when you want more

10 Mini-PCs With Powered by GNU/Linux
04/24/2015 07:54 PM

As computers shrink in size, the line between mini-PCs and small desktop PCs is getting blurrier every year. As the name suggests, however, mini-PCs, are smaller than usual, usually less than five inches square and a few inches tall, making them easier to carry and hide away on a crowded desktop or behind a signage or kiosk display. They're also usually fanless, which means they're

Fedora 22 Beta(GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE and Mate) Screen shots
04/23/2015 08:13 PM

Previous day, FedoraProject announced release of Fedora 22 Beta, the pre release of upcoming stable GNU/Linux distribution. Here, we provide links to screenshots of different fedora spins Fedora 22 Workstation GNOME Screenshot Tour Fedora 22 KDE Plasma Screenshot Tour Fedora 22 XFCE Screenshot Tour Fedora 22 LXDE Screenshot Tour Fedora 22 Mate Compiz Screenshot Tour

How open source software can build strong roots for better governance
04/23/2015 07:55 PM

Open data and going digital are subjects high on the international agenda for global development, particularly when it comes to financing improved services and infrastructure for the poorest people in the world. Young people from Laos to Lagos aspire to become software developers, and smartphones are set to put unprecedented computing power into every corner of the earth. But the

7 Top Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet'
04/23/2015 07:50 PM

Ubuntu 15.04 ‘Vivid Vervet’ has been released. But while you wait for your download to complete, join us in our bi-annual rundown of things to do to after installing Ubuntu. Whether you’re doing a clean install or upgrading from an earlier version, our checklist of post-install tasks should help nudge forgetful fans and hold the hands of new users alike. This article includes

Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet' Released with Improved Features
04/23/2015 07:41 PM

Well, here we are. After six busy months, one beta and a bunch of minor changes, the final stable release of Ubuntu 15.04 is now ready for you to download. Only a modest set of improvements are rolling out with Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. While this means the release can’t rival the heavy change-logs of releases past, the adage ‘don’t fix what isn’t broke’ is clearly one the

Top Things to Do After installing Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet'
04/23/2015 08:20 AM

Ubuntu 15.04 final beta is already out couple of weeks before. The final version of Ubuntu 15.04 will be released on coming April 23, 2015. This comprehensive tutorial describes how can we enhance Ubuntu 15.04, and other older versions such as Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04/12.10/12.04 etc., further for day to day activities. Also, this article will show you some interesting

Cleaning Disk Space in GNU/Linux
04/22/2015 09:20 PM

If you have an aged Linux system, chances are that you have a lot of disk space wasted due to things like application-specific caches (e.g., browser caches), system caches (e.g., apt cache), unnecessary locale files or other temporary files. With so many different ways files are generated, it is hard to track down the wasted disk usage, and free up disk space appropriately.

Sourcegraph: An Open Source code search tool for open source developers
04/22/2015 09:16 PM

A goldmine of open source code is available to programmers, but choosing the right library and understanding how to use it can be tricky. Sourcegraph has created a search engine and code browser to help developers find better code and build software faster. Sourcegraph is a code search engine and browsing tool that semantically indexes all the open source code available on the web.

Redesigning the Linux video system from the ground up
04/22/2015 09:15 PM

Being a good open source citizen—that's where it starts. For Jon Cruz, navigating various technical opportunities over the years eventually led him there. Jon recently started working in the Open Source Group at Samsung where he works on the Wayland project as well as IoTivity, an infrastructure for the Internet of Things. Cruz's open source journey began when he started contributing

Popular Open Source Software for Everyday Linux Users
04/22/2015 09:12 PM

Finding new software is a breeze for Linux users. The Linux desktop offers powerful, easy-to-use open-source applications for everything you need, just a few clicks away in your Linux distribution’s package manager. The programs are free, too—and you don’t have to dodge the installer crapware you do on Windows. But which of those programs are right for you? We have answers

Supertuxkart 0.9 Released
04/21/2015 09:24 PM

Supertuxkart developers announced release of Supertuxkart 0.9. Supertuxkart is a Free and Open Source 3D Racing game designed for a wide range of platforms including GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, BSD and Solaris. According to release announcement: It has been a rather long time since our last official release - nearly one and a half year. But we have not been idle during this,

Calculate Linux 14.16 Released
04/21/2015 08:16 PM

Calculate GNU/Linux team announced release of Calculate Linux 14.16, a gentoo based GNU/Linux distribution offering great user experience and flexibility. Current release of Calculate Linux comes with different flavors. Calculate Linux Desktop features either KDE or XFCE Desktop environments. Other flavors includes Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Media Center(CMD),

Top 4 Tips for breaking into Open Source Community
04/21/2015 08:05 PM

My two biggest dreams growing up were to be either a firefighter or a space explorer. Though I didn’t get to do either of those things, I satisfy the former via being a volunteer in prevention with Cal Fire, California’s state fire department, and the latter by reading everything I can get my hands on about space—both fiction and non-fiction. I recently picked up Col. Chris

Beginners Guide to GNOME Boxes
04/21/2015 08:02 PM

GNOME Boxes provides a very easy way to create and run virtual machines on your computer. GNOME Boxes integrates perfectly with the GNOME desktop and saves you the trouble of installing Oracle's Virtualbox. You can use GNOME Boxes to install and run Windows, Ubuntu, Mint, openSUSE and many other Linux distributions in separate containers on one computer. If you aren't sure which

8 Popular File Managers for GNU/Linux
04/21/2015 07:59 PM

One of the most common administrative tasks that end users and administrators alike need to perform is file management. Managing files can consume a major portion of your time. Locating files, determining which files and folders (directories) are taking the most disk space, deleting files, moving files, and simply opening files for use in an application are some of the most basic—yet

Fedora 22 Beta Released
04/21/2015 07:53 PM

Fedora Project announced availability of Fedora 22 Beta, the Beta release of upcoming stable Fedora 22 GNU/Linux distribution. As usual, this release includes Fedora Workstation, Server, Cloud and other usual spins. According to release news on Fedora Magazine: The Beta release contains all the exciting features of Fedora 22’s editions in a form that anyone can help test. This testing,

How Linux Help Differently Abled People
04/20/2015 08:12 PM

Often, when issues of accessibility and assistive technology are brought up among people with disabilities, the topics center around the usual issues: How can I afford this device? Is it available for me? Will it meet my needs? How will I receive support? Open source solutions, including any Linux-based operating system, are rarely, if ever, considered. The problem isn't with the

3 Key Elements Defining Open Source Project
04/20/2015 08:10 PM

Open source has come a long way in the past 30 years and is entering the consciousness of most modern cultures. When thinking of open source projects, people categorize them several ways: governance structure, type of product platform, programming language, utility, technical details (language written in), industry sponsored or fully independent, and more. But what truly defines

Initially Open Source Was About Saving Money, Not Sharing Code
04/20/2015 08:08 PM

Open source is all about sharing, keeping code open and providing universal access. That, at least, is the received wisdom that has helped guide open source programmers and companies for the last two decades. But a look at the history of open source projects such as Linux suggests that sharing and openness were not actually the primary motives of their founders. Here's why. N.B.:

GNOME 3.16: The Sleekest Linux Desktop to Date
04/20/2015 08:06 PM

I’ve been an advocate of change on the Linux desktop for some time—at least until Ubuntu Unity came around. Once I started using Canonical’s entry into the desktop space, the race (for me) was over. Unity was my choice. I was fairly certain it would take a massive improvement on the desktop to get me to move away from my default. That improvement might have come along—with the

Debian 8.0 Installer RC3 'Jessie' Officially Released
04/20/2015 08:04 PM

Debian Installer, the official installation system for the Debian distribution since the Sarge release, developed the Debian Installer Team, has been upgraded to version 8.0 RC3 and is now available for download and testing. The Debian developers are getting closer to the final version of Debian 8.0, and this is probably the last RC in the cycle. This is a regular procedure, and

LibreOffice 5.0 to Arrive in July
04/20/2015 08:02 PM

The Document Foundation is preparing the groundwork for the next major version of LibreOffice, 5.0, which should be available by the end of July, if everything goes according to plan. When a new branch is started for LibreOffice, the developers first put together a bug hunting session that is supposed to make sure that most of important issues are dealt with and a clear schedule

Open Source Feed : Weely News Feed 2
04/19/2015 06:57 PM

UberStudent : A GNU/Linux Dsitribution for Education 04/18/2015 08:24 PM Built on top of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, UberStudent 4.1 "Epicurus" is a customized distribution designed for secondary and post-secondary education. A blurb on the UberStudent website describes the distribution as "Red Hat for education." I was intrigued by this claim and wondered if some customization on

Manjaro 0.8.13-pre1 Released
04/19/2015 08:29 AM

Manjaro team announced availability of Manjaro 0.8.13-Pre1, the pre release of upcoming Arch Linux based stable GNU/Linux distribution. This release of Manjaro provides a well tweaked XFCE 4.12, for best possible possible XFCE experience, Plasma 5.2.2, KDE 5.8.0 and KDE Apps version 14.12.3. From Release Announcement : After one week of development we are proud to present to you our

KaOS ISO 2015.04 Released
04/19/2015 07:52 AM

KaOS GNU/Linux developers announced availability of KaOS 2015.04, an independent GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop environment. The team find this as the best way to celebrate second anniversary of project. The previous two releases of KaOS has brought drastic and fundamental changes like new DE, new installer, shift to UEFI. The new release has finally turned to

Microsoft Open Technologies is Closing?
04/19/2015 12:33 AM

Microsoft is a company that can do no wrong lately. It is wisely focusing on devices and services -- its cross-platform support is a total 180 degree turn from years past. Hell, the company is even embracing open source lately, showing that it is listening to customers and taking advantage of industry trends. When Microsoft Open Technologies was founded as a subsidiary of Microsoft

7 Popular Open Source Cloud Storage Software
04/19/2015 12:27 AM

Cloud Storage is a method for data storage where the digital data is stored in logical pool, the physical storage spans multiple servers (possibly located in different places), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company[wikipedia]. Following article lists advantages of using cloud storage software and 7 most widely used used Open Source Cloud

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