Linux Lite 2.4 Final Released

Linux Lite team announced release of Linux Lite 2.4 Final, a Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution featuring XFCE Desktop.

From Release Announcement:
With the release of Linux Lite 2.4 Final, we continue to evolve into a fully featured, light weight free operating system. Major announcement - there is now an upgrade path on Linux Lite from within the LTS series for each release, update your current install from now until April 2016 with one click, see below for details on this. There are enhancements to Lite Software, Install Updates, Lite Tweaks and Network Share Settings. Bountysource has been a major factor in our ability to enhance our software. By paying developers to help improve our software, we improve the quality and usability of our applications. Disk Encryption and LVM is now supported - see below for details. There is added support for exFAT, Android MTPFS, VPN connections and NTP to name a few. You get the latest Whisker Menu, there's a new default Terminal theme, and the Windows (Super) key now opens the Menu.
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Followings are changes included in Linux Lite 2.4 Final.
  • New Lite Software Menu, System, Lite Software (formerly Install Additional Software and Remove Additional Software).
  • New Lite Tweaks (formerly Lite Cleaner).
  • New Install Updates.
  • New Network Share Settings Menu, System, Network Share Settings (see below for notes on this).
  • New Wallpapers.
  • New Terminal theme.
  • Added support for: VPN connections, Thunar thumbnail previews, Mugshot, exFAT, NTP, LVM, Android MTPFS, Bluetooth.
  • Added: Reboot, Shutdown options to Live media. Live media now also defaults straight to the Menu.
  • Fixed: syslog, auth.log not logging.
  • Fixed: Disk encryption during installation now works.
  • Fixed Backups popping up randomly.
  • Latest WhiskerMenu.
  • Latest version of the Help Manual.
  • Latest Lite Welcome.
  • Windows key (Super key) opens the Menu (not in the Live version).
  • Disabled Screen Off and Screensaver.
  • Removed obsolete PPA's.

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