KaOS ISO 2015.04 Released

KaOS GNU/Linux developers announced availability of KaOS 2015.04, an independent GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop environment. The team find this as the best way to celebrate second anniversary of project.

The previous two releases of KaOS has brought drastic and fundamental changes like new DE, new installer, shift to UEFI. The new release has finally turned to a more simple focus which is one of the main objective of this release.

From Release Announcement: 
Most attention has gone in updating and rebuilding well over 1200 packages the last two months. This includes updates to base packages like pacman, kmod, openssl, openssh, sudo, util-linux, cmake, ruby, nano, tzdata, full update of the complete glib2 stack and perl. PHP moved to the 5.6 series and has a much simpler build and install working.
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