Evolve OS Renames to Solus due to Legal Issues

The Evolve OS project has just changed its name to Solus after a trademark spat over a name owned by UK's Secretary of State office. Some of you might remember the name Solus OS and that Linux distribution, which was quite famous back in the day. Ikey Doherty, the developer of that distro, had to abandon the project, but he latest started to work on Evolve OS. Unlike Solus OS, which was based on Debian, Evolve OS was built from scratch, which allowed the developer and his team much more control over the process. We wrote a couple of days ago that the Evolve project got a letter from the Secretary of State informing them that a trademark was being infringed and that they had to change the name. After a couple of days of deliberations and hundreds of suggestions, the team decided to go back to Solus, which is already owned, and it should present no problem in using them. 

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