Elive 2.6.2 Beta Released

The Elive Development team announced availability of Elive 2.6.2 Beta, Pre Release of upcoming Debian based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Enlightenment Desktop Environment.

According to release announcement, following are some notable features in Elive 2.6.2.
  • Nvidia / FGRLX privative drivers are ready to be used!
  • The Installer includes a lot of improvements, specially to make the install process more easy and fast, there’s a good amount of optimizations included everywhere and a cleaner installed system.
  • Improved audio detection and a wider range of cards directly working
  • Improved readability of colors in the terminals
  • You can view your system’s logs in the TTY12
  • ccache is included and enabled by default so if you compile things they will be blazing fast!
  • Vim default configurations updated and improved
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