Deepin GNU/Linux 2014.3 Released

Deepin GNU/Linux developers announced release of Deepin 2014.3, a Free and Open Source GNU/Linux distribution from China, dedicated to provide an elegant, user friendly, safe and stable Linux system for people across the globe. Deepin comes with a unique Desktop environment, popular known as Deepin Desktop Environment featuring great software like Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, WPS, Sogou input method ..etc.

According to release announcement of Deepin 2014.3,
deepin 2014.3 is the revised version. This version is the achievement after we comprehensively fixed bugs in the system and applications in the last version and optimized the performance of the last version. Meanwhile, the system features and UI interfaces have been adjusted slightly. In terms of the languages the system supports, deepin 2014.3 has increasingly supported 23 languages (The languages in bold are newly added.):
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Download Deepin 2014.3 | 32 bit

Download Deepin 2014.3 | 64 bit


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