CentOS 7.1 Released

CentOS community announced release of CentOS 7.1, the latest update to CentOS 7.x series, a RedHat Enterprise Linux based GNU/Linux distribution.

From Release Announcement:
We would like to announce the general availability of CentOS Linux 7 (1503) for 64 bit x86 compatible machines. This is the second major release for CentOS-7 and is tagged as 1503. This build is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1

This merges in all base, updates, and CR (continuous release) components released in the month of March 2015. If you have been using the CR repos on your previous CentOS Linux 7 install, you already have all the components used to compose this new release. As with all CentOS Linux 7 components, this release was built from sources hosted at git.centos.org. In addition, SRPMs that are a byproduct of the build (and also considered critical in the code and buildsys process) are being published to match every binary RPM we release. Sources will be available from vault.centos.org in their own dedicated directories to match the corresponding binary RPMs.
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