Calculate Linux 14.16 Released

Calculate GNU/Linux team announced release of Calculate Linux 14.16, a gentoo based GNU/Linux distribution offering great user experience and flexibility.

Current release of Calculate Linux comes with different flavors. Calculate Linux Desktop features either KDE or XFCE Desktop environments. Other flavors includes Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Media Center(CMD), Calculate Linux Scratch(CLS), and Calculate Scratch Server(CSS).

According to release announcement, following are major changes introduced in current release of Calculate Linux.
  • System optimization
    • UKSM (Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging) and KSWAP (Kernel Swap Patches) enabled to reduce the disk load;
    • Trim settings activated for SSD volumes;
    • Kernel and kernel modules packed respectively with lz4 and gzip;
    • Noop used as the default scheduler on SSD and virtual machines, BFQ everywhere else;
    • Shorter animation launch at boot / logout time;
    • Disk operations got lower priority for the package manager.
  • Calculate Utilities optimization
    • A faster launching;
    • A faster start of the calculate-core daemon;
    • Caching of packages to be configured with templates;
    • Optimized system setup at first launch;
    • Optimized settings checkup at launch time;
    • Optimized system setup scripts for LiveCD bootup.
  • The completely rewritten cl-kernel tool
    • Kernel settings created as Calculate templates, thus allowing:
      • Calculate-sources customization at package compilation time;
      • Transparent migration between kernel versions.
    • Dracut used for generating initramfs;
    • Kernel customization possible, as well with initramfs as without.
    • French, Russian and Bulgarian localizations available.
  • Livecd now using OverlayFS for correct support of xattr-dependent packages.
  • Udev replaced with a fork, Eudev.
  • A better support for Apple iPhone and iPod in CLDX.
  • Both XFCE and KDE environments updated, up to versions 4.12 and 4.14.6 respectively.
  • XBMC, in CMC, updated to the Kodi version.
  • The standard Gtk+ theme used in Chromium instead of Minimal White.
  • The AdBlock Plus browser extension replaced with the faster and more lightweight µBlock.
  • Minimized update errors, as all Calculate Utilities are now installed as a single package.
  • TLSv1_2 encryption for using Calculate Utilities remotely.
  • Fixed errors when joining / quitting a domain or synchronizing user profiles.
  • Files created in CDS opened correctly by MS Office software.
  • IPMI support added in CDS and CSS.
  • Portage 2.2.16 support added everywhere.
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