Arch Linux 2015.04.01 Is Available Now

Another month, another ISO image of one of the most acclaimed distributions of GNU/Linux, Arch Linux, is now available for download, today, April 1, 2015. Arch Linux is a highly customizable, powerful, and lightweight computer operating system with a rolling-release model. It has become a tradition to release a new Arch Linux ISO image on the first day of each month, so today is no different for the Arch Linux developers, as they’ve just prepared Arch Linux 2015.04.01, which includes all the updates that have been released during the month of March 2015. Therefore, we can report that Arch Linux 2015.04.01 is now powered by Linux kernel 3.19.2 and includes all the updates that were released on the official software repository of the distribution in March 2015, as well various small improvements, some bugfixes, and new packages.
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