3 Latest Ubuntu 15.04 'Vivid Vervet' Reviews

Few days ago, Canonical announced release of Ubuntu 15.04 with code name 'Vivid Vervet'. In this post, we would like to share few reviews on Ubuntu 15.04 published in different sites.

  • Ubuntu 15.04 Review on Distorwatch.com

    Canonical's Ubuntu operating system is probably the most widely used Linux distribution in the world. Ubuntu is made available in several editions, including desktop builds, server builds and there is a branch of Ubuntu for mobile phones. Ubuntu provides installation images for the x86, ARM and Power PC architectures, allowing the distribution to run on a wide variety of hardware. The most recent release of Ubuntu, version 15.04, includes a fairly short list of changes compared to last year's Ubuntu 14.10, however some of the changes are significant. Some small changes include an upgrade of the kernel to Linux 3.19 and placing application menus inside the application window by default. A potentially larger change is the switch from Canonical's Upstart init software to systemd.
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  • Ubuntu 15.04 Review on PC-Pro

    If it’s spring, that must mean a new release of Ubuntu. This latest one is codenamed the “Vivid Vervet”, but – as has become common for Ubuntu releases – you’ll have to squint to spot the difference between this and last autumn’s “Utopic Unicorn”.

    In fact, Ubuntu 15.04 raises the bar when it comes to inconspicuous updates. From a user perspective, the only noticeable change is to application menus, which now appear in their respective windows rather than at the top of the screen. Such behaviour has been optional since 14.04 – and indeed was the default in Ubuntu 10.10 and before – so as user-experience updates go, this isn’t exactly a brave new world.
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  • 'Ubuntu 15.04 Hands on' on zdnet.com

    If you're running Ubuntu on the cloud, there's a lot to like here. In this release, the distribution boasts a new light-weight snappy Ubuntu Core version for devices, micro-servers, and containers. It also includes updated developer tools and the latest frameworks, languages, databases and packages. This cloud brand of Ubuntu also comes with superior Docker support, Canonical's own new container-based hypervisor, LXD, and built-in support for the Chef DevOps program.
    Developers will also like that Ubuntu Make (aka Developer Tools Center), now supports 15 platforms. With it you can now easily install and work with Android Studio, IDEA, pycharm, webstorm, rubymine, phpstorm and eclipse integrated development environments (IDE). It also comes with Golang compiler support, Firefox developer edition, and the Stencyl game development platform.
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