Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Gets Cool Drop-Down Terminal

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 is getting all sorts of interesting features, including a drop-down terminal named Tilda that will be integrated by default.
The Ubuntu MATE developers have been adding all sorts of cool features to the distribution. For example, they have been working on a new tool that lets users change the layout of the operating systems so that it resembles various other OSes like openSUSE or even Windows XP. Now they are also adding a drop-down terminal that will be available by default.
Drop-down terminals are not something new, but they are an unusual application. Basically, users have access to a terminal window that can open anywhere with the press of a button. The good thing about this is that if you execute a command, you will be able to hide it until you finish it. And, the cherry on top, drop-down terminals look very good.
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