Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Reaches End Of Life

Do you recall Ubuntu 10.04? Well, we do, and we can accustom you that, even though the Desktop version is no longer supported forward May 9, 2013, the Server edition will be supported until April 30, 2015. Back later, once Ubuntu 10.04 was announced, all LTS (Long Term Support) releases were supported 3 years occurring for the Desktop and 5 years regarding the Server.

Todays news comes from a mailing list commercial posted by Adam Conrad, who informs us that the Server edition of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, codenamed Lucid Lynx, will operate End of Life (EOL) adjacent month, upon April 30, 2015. This means that Canonica will no longer feed the on the go system later than kernel patches or security updates.
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