Steam for Linux Now Has More than 1000 Games

The number of Linux games has just passed the 1000 milestone and there is no sign that it's slowing down. If anything, the rhythm of porting is getting faster.
The Steam for Linux platform is a little over two years old, and in all that time the developers have managed to release or port more than 1000 games. In fact, now there are 1002 games to be more precise, but that number is changing all the time. The gaming community didn't anticipate this kind of support and it's taking users by surprise.
If you take into consideration that the Linux adoption among the Steam users is somewhere around 1.5% (and that's being generous), the fact that we now have 1000 games ready for purchase and download is really amazing. To make things even more interesting, these are not all ports of older games, as you might expect. A large number of these titles have been released on all the platforms at once and that trend seems to increase.
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